Spiritual meaning of dreaming of someone dying

25 Kasım 2021 1 Yazar: wpntr

Spiritual meaning of dreaming of someone dying

Spiritual meaning of dreaming of someone dying, seeing someone killed in a dream indicates committing a major sin. The dreamer will get into trouble and commit a great sin as a result of an unwitting mistake. Later, he repented of his sin, regretting it. Sometimes, this dream can be interpreted as reckoning with oneself, opposing the desires of the nafs, working for the hereafter by moving away from the worldly, and repenting for sins.

Seeing someone kill himself in a dream, deviates from the right path and establishes wrong friendships. As a result, it causes harm to people. This dream is like a dream made to the person. According to some scholars, seeing someone killed by someone is a sign of a new beginning, a long life, a happy and beautiful life.

The one who kills someone in his dream torments the person he killed in real life and puts him in trouble. The person who sees such a dream should pay attention to his actions and behaviors. Because this dream is a sign of harming people and persecuting the person you see in your dream and his relatives.

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